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Out Journeys
abhinav Goel
4B, II Floor, Mahalaxmi Square, Sector 12, Vasundhara
Delhi   201012


Phone: +919910170694 Member Profile

About Us:
Why Out Journeys?

We have personally handpicked every single person who will support you before, during and after your trip. This includes the drivers, guides, escorts and even the office staff. Our operations team has had long interactions with the hotel staff that will attend to you during your stay with them.

At every single step, one of us will be around without being obtrusive to take care of anything that may possibly go wrong or cause you discomfort.

Besides, here are a few more things that we will love to do for you: Helping You interact with the members of the community in India

Organizing get-togethers, parties or visits to gay-only bars in major cities of India

We love organizing honeymoons and we love to surprise our guests in many small ways!

Massages, spa treatments, shopping excursions and private spiritual discourses – We can do it all

Finally, we know space and respect is above all and so is pride, we will walk the extra mile to ensure that you only go back with sack full of pictures and fond memories!

Why India?

India has an historic homosexual tradition. Surviving texts from as early as the 1500s mention the subject and sacred imagery depicts same-sex interaction between women. Both Muslim Nawabs and wealthy Hindus were recorded as having harems of young males. Tantric rituals are also known to have included homosexual acts.

India has recently done away with a draconian law which punished homosexual behavior. The change is now fast and rapid. India's newly emerging LGBT communities are now more expressive and open than ever. Most Indians now accept the rights of individuals to have alternate preferences and this makes India a truly exciting place to visit.

With its huge diversity of modern urban centers to a colorful historic past, India has much to offer for every tourist’s taste. Charming beach resort towns, cruises on idyllic backwaters, getting treated like kings in palaces, learning yoga from the masters, exciting nightlife – India has got it all!