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Jose Espejo

Birth Date: April 02
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GayPeru Travel
Jose Espejo
Av. larco 101 of 309, Miraflores
Lima   L18

Lima, Peru 

Phone: 00511 4473366 / 00511 4473367 Member Profile

About Us:
We are the first gay travel agency running gay tours in Peru since year 2000, we have been taking travelers throughout Peru since those days. It is clear that we are the only company owned and operated by gay people, selling its own package all around this country and soon to others in South America. All with a great sense of style, security, professionalism and confidentiality, offering different type of tours to suit better our clients.

We have designed our itineraries, with such a flexibility in order to let our clients enjoy more our best attractions!, trying to show a different face of Peru is also an important part of our work, apart from being very cultural, we know most of gay people want a destination where it’s possible to party and have fun. Here you can find all that and more!

Our experience can speak for ourselves; our staff have been working in Tourism for seven years leading tours throughout South America, by this stage we do know how to make you have an unforgettable time!

It is important for you to know that we are not a travel agency that has made a market extension, we are 100% gay!

We are... GayPeru Travel