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April 08, 2016
Blog ILoveGaySaunas

West Hollywood, CA
What does a queer urban future look like?
 Would you say that ‘the urban’—yes, cities as well as urban encounters…but also the space and right(s) to live in, work in, and share the contemporary city—is an important source or reference for your work? Or, more broadly, can you discuss the role of or right to the city as an influence on or basis for your practice/writing/art/activism?

August 24, 2015
Blog GayMonde

Los Angeles, CA
Inside Gay Pakistan, Crossing Continents
Mobeen Azhar discovers a secret vibrant gay scene in urban Pakistan.

September 19, 2013
Blog GayMonde

Los Angeles, CA
PhoenixBar rises as new, suburban Chicago gay bar and nightclub
Sometime in early to mid October, a familiar home for thousands of Chicago area gays will get a new look and a new name, when the real...

August 16, 2013
Blog GayMonde

Los Angeles, CA
10 NYC Tourist Spots That Locals Love Too
Real New Yorkers know not to set foot in Times Square unless they have to. The Statue of  Liberty? Who has the time? These 10 iconic NYC landmarks are unique in their ability to delight not just tourists – but locals too. From iconic diners to urban parks and everything in between, here’s an itinerary will have you navigating the city like a pro in no time. Just try not to get stuck in the turnstile on your way over.

August 15, 2013
Blog ILoveGayResorts

West Hollywood, CA
Lake View group rejects gay resort proposal
Lake View group rejects gay resort proposal Windy City Times On July 23, the Belmont Harbor Neighbors board of directors unanimously rejected a proposal for the OUT Chicago Urban Resort in Boystown and will not send a letter of recommendation to...

August 06, 2013
Blog carlosmelia

New York, NY
Sanctuary on Camelback Mountain
The Sanctuary on Camelback Mountain along with the Four Seasons Scottsdale, where both my favorite stays during my week exploring Scottsdale and Phoenix in Arizona. I felt that both properties offer exactly what I envisioned my experience would be, away from the urban areas, surrounded by the iconic Arizona desert. Perched on Camelback Mountain in an exhilarating blend of serenity and vitality. One of the most coveted retreats in Paradise Valley, Sanctuary a AAA Four Diamond Resort in Scottsdale, Arizona. With trend-setting architecture, copious modern luxuries, and culinary delights, our boutique resort will draw you back, time and time again.

July 24, 2013
Blog carlosmelia

New York, NY
Four Seasons Scottsdale
So the last night and day of my stay while in Phoenix/Scottsdale, I chose to spend it at on of my favorite hotel groups in the world, which never disappoints me, and on top of that was close to the pick up point of my Hot Air Ballooning experience I took the following morning, and offered the real Arizona experience I was looking to have before the end of my trip, away from the urban center of Phoenix/Scottsdale. An area rich with Native American art and an equally impressive dining and nightlife scene. Even closer are the unique rock formations of Pinnacle Peak and the highly acclaimed golf mecca at Troon North. This feed developed and powered by technology.
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