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August 16, 2016
Blog GayMonde

Los Angeles, CA
VIDEO: Cleveland Pride 2016
Happy Pride! ? Twitter: ? Snapchat: Joefosho17 ? Instagram: ? Younow

June 19, 2016
Blog ILoveGaySaunas

West Hollywood, CA
Before It Was Hingetown - Cleveland's Queer Scene
Hingetown was born as a branding exercise in 2013 on the warm corpse of Cleveland’s queer scene. Anchored by the brick Striebinger block at West 29th and Detroit Shoreway, and extending down West 25th, the Near West Side once featured a gay bathhouse, half of the city’s gay bars, its only gay dance club, other gay businesses, and an occasionally cruisy street scene. While some gays remain as customers and owners in Hingetown, lost are the places that were patronized by poor queers, men of color, and men looking to get off.

June 05, 2014
Blog GayMonde

Los Angeles, CA
Out of Town: Cleveland & Gay Games 9
One of the most historic and beloved public food markets in the country West Side Market is in the heart of Cleveland's LGBT-popular Ohio City neighborhood.

February 08, 2014
Blog GayMonde

Los Angeles, CA
20 reasons Cleveland rocks: Reason 16, West Side Market
The historic West Side Market dates back to 1840 and is currently home to more than 100 local vendors selling everything from meats to baked goods to coffee to vegetables. Open Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday.

January 03, 2014
Blog GayMonde

Los Angeles, CA
Queer Girl Mini Guide: Cleveland, Ohio and the Gay Games
Positively Cleveland and the Gay Games invited Autostraddle to take a look at their facilities for the games and experience some of food and fun Cleveland has to...

November 20, 2013
Blog GayMonde

Los Angeles, CA
TRAVEL Cleveland does, indeed, rock, as Gay Games approaches
Cleveland and Akron, Ohio, will be ready for Gay Games 9 next August. T

November 07, 2013
Blog GayMonde

Los Angeles, CA
Winq magazine features Cleveland as a gay destination: a changing image for the host of the 2014 #GayGames
Winq Magazine went to the midwest and did a profile of two Gay Games host cities: Chicago and Cleveland. We're reprinting extracts from the Cleveland part. Thanks very much to Winq for authorizing ... This feed developed and powered by technology.
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